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EPS is a healthcare company dedicated to information and quality. We specialise in patient information analysis for NHS Acute Trusts, highlighting performance issues and HRG Coding improvements.

We also provide web-based, SQL Server and MS Access software for Financial Analysis, Cost Management, Research, and Clinical Assessment. We have 200 clients throughout the UK, mainly NHS Trusts. Other customers include universities and professional organisations.

Our Performance reviews aim to significantly improve Acute Trust performance through established analytical tools. They are based on highly detailed analysis of PbR data.

Acute Trusts find these reviews of great value, especially where sufficient in-house resources are lacking.


Evaluate patients considered for Biologic therapy in the treatment of RA, JIA and PsA.

Research Manager 9
Manage NHS Trust Research and Development programmes easily and efficiently.

A database of implant serial numbers for breast reconstruction. This item is currently under development.


HRG Construction
Analysis of Acute Trust data to identify anomalies in clinical coding which lead to incorrect HRG assignment and under-recovery of income

Emergency Re-Admissions Review
Evaluation of admissions data to reveal re-admission problems including community support and extended care issues.

Correlation of outpatient, inpatient and A&E data to highlight areas needing attention, including missing data, outpatient pathways, and emergency admission ratios.


PerL for Acute Trusts
Optimise the revenue generated from NHS patient care through understanding HRG4.

Combine Monthly Service Line Reporting with Patient Level Costing. View financial data on an intranet.

Manage financial information for hospitals and trusts.

Our staff all have experience in healthcare

Our staff all have experience in healthcare, and our business alliances are with organisations that only deal with healthcare. This single-focus approach enables us to provide the best solutions. We are especially proud of our after-sales service and support. The standard we aim for is the one we wanted when we worked in healthcare ourselves - but often didn't get.


We operate throughout the UK and Eire, and welcome enquiries from other regions.
If you're in the healthcare business and wish to discuss our products in more details please contact us.

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